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 For fourteen years, we have created fun and functional garden art to provide color and design for human pleasure and safe haven for small birds. Our durable, long-lasting birdhouses are made of solid, hand cut copper and painted wood.

As a young mother, while cattle ranching in Montana, Ginger learned to cut and weld metal from one of the farm hands. She soon began her career as an artist, working first with metal sculpture and eventually with the birdhouses we now make.

Working in a barn in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Clark builds the houses from pine or cedar, while Ginger cuts the copper roofs and motif by hand with a plasma torch. Together, surrounded by our beloved dogs, we paint them with exterior stains and decorate with a wide variety of copper designs.

Ginger & Clark

Fly Home Birdhouses
Berryville, Virginia

Contact us:

Ginger (540.247.2459)
Clark (540.533.8530)